Commercial Activity

What We Do

We’re involved in everything from production to the commercial exploitation of content, with activity falling under three broad areas:


We’re a creative production powerhouse with a breadth and range of shows that is unique.

We’re the people behind world-class dramas like War and Peace and Luther; landmark Natural History titles like Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II; global hits like Top Gear and Doctor Who; and some of the most glamorous shows or must-watch events in the world like Dancing with the Stars and Glastonbury.  

Our talented teams create over 2500 hours of high quality content every year for the UK and international broadcasters. Their expertise delivers some of the world’s best-loved shows and has made us the UK’s most-awarded production company. The proof? In the UK, BBC Studios produced three of the top five British programmes in the last year, proving that our shows have a huge impact on audiences.


International Sales

If you watched all 48 000 hours of content in our catalogue back-to-back it would take you five-and-a-half years to get through it all. That’s how big it is: a combination of BBC Studios’ shows and titles from indie producers. Our sales teams all over the world sell the contents of our catalogue to other broadcasters or digital platforms. In fact, we’re the biggest UK distributor of content outside the US studios. We’re pretty good at it too. For the last two years, our peers have consistently voted us as the best distributor or partner in Broadcast magazine’s annual distributor survey.

And we don’t just do this for full programmes. BBC Motion Gallery, a joint venture with Getty Images, licenses video clips of our output to other producers and broadcasters for inclusion in their shows.

Channels, on-demand and digital services

With 33 channel feeds across 120 markets, we’re the UK’s leading international television broadcaster. We get closer to you through brands such as BBC Earth, BBC Brit, BBC First and CBeebies. We offer subscription video-on-demand services, working with companies like ITV in North America to deliver BritBox, and with Starhub and HyppTV in Singapore and Malaysia respectively to deliver BBC Player.

As it evolves, we want to be at the forefront of technology, so have been developing new experiences in fields such as Virtual Reality. In fact, we recently created an award-winning immersive natural history Virtual Reality experience with Google Daydream called Life in VR. Look out for more to come.

Global Franchises

From Dancing with the Stars, through Doctor Who, Top Gear and BBC Earth, we turn some of our best-loved shows into commercially successful brands, loved by audiences all over the world. We develop a range of ancillary products like licensed merchandise, social media content and apps, and live events, all designed to extend fans’ enjoyment of these shows.

Ancillary Businesses

Our ancillary businesses include everything from publishing; books; audio and home entertainment through to merchandise, interactive gaming, music and live events.

We even create English Language teaching materials based on our content for use outside the UK, including for CBeebies learning centres in Beijing. The one thing they have in common? They all provide a way for you to get closer to the content you love.