Our Programmes

With over half a century’s experience of making bold, British, creative content loved by audiences the world over, is it any wonder we have a reputation for leading the way in innovative storytelling and production techniques? In fact, our teams continually set the standard and raise the creative bar for programme-makers everywhere. But don’t just take our word for it. BBC Studios is the most-awarded British production company in the UK today with 79 awards and over 300 nominations to our name in the past financial year.

Each year we produce more than 2500 hours of high-quality, distinctive programmes that cover everything from comedy and drama, factual and factual entertainment, to entertainment and music. And we don’t just do this for the BBC. Our teams also produce shows for a diverse range of broadcasters which include, Channel 4, Channel 5, UKTV, Discovery and PBS in North America.

We also take some of the UK’s most beloved shows to the rest of the world, re-imagining new versions for international audiences and building a whole new set of fans. Take Strictly Come Dancing, for example. A smash hit with audiences in the UK, we’ve taken the format and recreated it in 57 markets under the title Dancing with the Stars, delighting audiences from Argentina to New Zealand. Since the first international version of Dancing with the Stars in 2004, we’ve recorded over 3500 episodes and 300 series recorded to date. In 2018 we took the show to the next level with our first ever Dancing with the Stars: Junior that launched in the US. You can see what other formats and programmes we have in our Sales Catalogue.

Complementing the work of our in-house teams and extending the breadth and range of our catalogue are programmes made by third-party producers, renowned for creating outstanding content in the UK and around the world. You can find out more about how we work with independent producers in Content Partnerships.

And just as you’d expect, all our programmes bear the hallmark of quality, creativity and professionalism that audiences have come to expect from the BBC.

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